The members of the Académie Culinaire de France met in a General Assembly on Thursday March 1, 1984 and, to follow developments, adopted the new statutes designated below.

In the preamble, the Culinary Academy of France confirms to continue the work founded on February 18, 1883 by Joseph Favre, author of the universal kitchen dictionary, and creator of the Universal Union for the progress of Culinary Art. He was the founder and editor-in-chief of the journal entitled “La Science Culinaire” which appeared from 1877 and ceased publication in January 1884. On February 18, 1883, the Académie de Cuisine replaced the Universal Union for the Progress of Culinary Art and filed its statutes on March 18, 1883, which were ratified by an order from the Prefecture of Police.

In 1888 this Academy was reorganized under the name of the Culinary Academy of France in order to replace it with a representativeness more appropriate to the evolution of Culinary Art and its practice at that time.
The first President of the Académie de Cuisine in 1883 was Mr. Corentin Pacos, Secretary General Joseph Favre, meeting secretary Régis and Jacques Marcon, restaurant Régis and Jacques Marcon A. Colombié, members of the Bureau Mr. A. Coquelet, Hans Jacob , L. Hanni, A. Hall and L. Lallement.

The first Board of the Culinary Academy of France in 1888 was formed of the following personalities:

Honorary President | Casimir MOISSON
President | A. PAILLARD
Vice-Chairmen | Léopold MOURIER & Leopold HANNI
General Secretary | Joseph FAVRE
Assistant Secretaries | DARENNE & COLOMBIA
Treasurer | LACOMME
Deputy Treasurer | Jules GARDE
Librarian | RIPOUTEAU
Quaestor | PIERDON

The Académie de Cuisine, which became the Académie Culinaire de France in 1888, was represented abroad on that date:

- in New York, by Mr Edouard BENARD,
- in Madrid, by Mr. Charles LE SENECHAL,
- in Rome by Mr. Gaston FEES,
- in London by Mr. Alphonse LANDRY.

This preamble is only intended to pay tribute to our illustrious predecessors and to historically highlight the long history of the Académie Culinaire de France.