“LES PAINS CUISINÉS” By Sébastien Canonne MOF & Bridor

As part of their collaboration in the development of “Pains Cuisinés”, We are very pleased to announce that the Sirah innovation prize has been awarded to our Academician Sebastien Canonne MOF and Bridor official partner of the culinary academy of France.
Bridor partners with Sébastien Canonne, M.O.F. and creates “les Pains Cuisinés, revolutionizing the bakery market for upscale catering. Les Pains Cuisinés, a fusion of the worlds of Bakery and Gastronomy, raise breads to an unparalleled level of taste. The generous incorporation of ingredients of natural origin and spices delivers all the aromatic power and the harmonious marriage of flavors in a chef’s dish. This daring combination of cooked ingredients stimulates the 5 senses: incredible flavors and aromas, vibrant and amazing colors, a unique lamb’s lettuce and a thin crispy crust. The 5 recipes developed are inspired by culinary cultures from around the world: Mediterranean-Asian-inspired olive, yuzu and hazelnut bread, Northern European-inspired beet and onion bread, Indian-inspired sweet potato and curry bread, Spinach bread , garlic and turmeric of Indo-European inspiration, Purple carrot bread, celery and mace of Scandinavian-Asian inspiration. More than a bread, the Cooked Bread is a real concept that Sébastien Canonne imagined for sandwich use (mini baguettes and pavers) and for gourmet catering (mini breads). These recipes are also available in bun or sandwich bread, giving chefs the opportunity to create endless amazing combinations.
To learn more about “les Pains Cuisinés” Visit : www.boulangeriecuisinee.com