11th Trophee Passion International 2022

November 6th, Equip Hotel Trade Fair in Paris

The Académie Culinaire de France announces that the International Passion Trophy will be held on Sunday, November 6th, 2022 at the Equip Hotel trade show, Porte de Versailles in Paris.

The jury for this 11th edition will be chaired by Éric Pras, with Fabrice Prochasson (President of the competition and of the ACF), Kei Kobayashi (International President of the Jury), Guy Santoro (International Honorary President) and Pierre Mirgalet at his side. (President of the Pastry Jury). Organized every two years by the Culinary Academy of France since 2001, this international competition aims to promote French gastronomy through events, where chefs from all over the world compete, gathered around the same hobby: cooking. Candidates from France, the United States, Chile, Luxembourg, Belgium, Morocco, Japan and Mexico will have to make 3 recipes for 8 people around the following themes:

The Theme

Starter / Around the egg, crazy seasonal herbs, fruits, vegetables, seaweed and shrimp from Argentina from La Carted’Hubert
Main Dish / 2 Rungis pan-fried free-range poultry, stuffing, Rougié foie gras, 3 garnishes (one potato-based, one cucurbit-based and one seasonal), all served with a sauce and juice
Dessert / Café Gourmand – 8 free presentations, on a maximum surface of an A4 – 4 Pastry pieces to taste (based on coffee, Cacao Barry chocolate, choux pastry and Elle et Vire cream)

The Winners

1st Place France

2nd Place Morocco

3rd Place Japan

4th Place USA

Team USA,Finish 4th Place and was rewarded best Teamwork and best commis of this 2022 competition

The Team USA

After 3 years of work and effort, the culmination of this immense human investment. 

We are very proud of the participation of our American team in the Trophee Passion International 2022.
Proud of this new generation of talented cheffes! Congratulations to the team that was the first female team ever to participate in this competition!

Congrats on our brave team!

Candidate Chainey Kuykendall, Captain A.J Schaller, Commis Alych Padro

The Idea Behind the Team Menu

Drawing inspiration from the local flavors and produce of the United States, Team USA showcases the diverse history of ingredients, techniques and admired regions.


6 months of preparation, planning, testing, the team left its base camp at CREA in Washington for CREA in Paris a week before the competition, finalize their preparation and train for 10 days using local products.

Special thanks and gratitude to all our partners

The Competition


The deliberation and counting of points by team took place very late at night, in the presence of an official bailiff and an executive member of each team.

The Presentation of the 2022 Trophy Passion International

Exceptional Partners

The success of the Jean-Jacques Dietrich Culinary Trophy is due to its partners, who have enabled the Académie Culinaire de France Delegation - US & Canada to reward participants according to their achievements, welcome them and support them in the best conditions.