New York, 2022 Annual Congress

The 2022 congress began in joy and with good spirit at the Consulate General of France on Friday February 4th with the Jean Jacques Dietrich Cocktail.

Partners, academician’s and friends of our delegations come together and celebrate our reunion after two years of absence. On this occasion our partners were eiger to exhibit their products and exchange with the chefs. The Knight Medal in the ACF World Order was awarded to Xavier Noel and the Paris Gourmet team for their unconditional support to our US & Canada delegation. We also inducted 10 new academicians, Romain Cornu(NV), Aude Estevenon(NY), Stefan Peroutka(CA), Roland Del Monte(CAN), Franck Oysel(TN), Michael Baumgart(CA), Guillaume Traversaz(CT) , Helena Loureiro(CAN), Gabriel Kreuther(NY), Vincent Rodier(CA).

Table of Contents

Day one, Cocktail Jean-Jacques Dietrich

Consulat General de France in New York

Tribute to Chef Bernard Cretier

Sale of Bernard’s Culinary Library donated by Prescilia Cretier to benefit Tampa General Hospital

Medaille de chevalier dans l'ordre mondiale de l'Academie

Awarded to Xavier Noël & Paris Gourmet for their longtime support to our delegation

The 2022 promotion of new academicians

Official presentation of the president's ribbon holder

Day two, Sharing Our Know-How

Institut of Culinary Education, New York City

Presentation Nicolas Dutertre

Upcycled Chocolate Macarons

Presentation Antoine Viollette

French Chef Handbook

Presentation Guy Santoro, President Delegation Mexique

Presents Unique Sinaloa Callus & Shrimp Recipe

Presentation Pascal Vittu Cheesemonger & David Berebe Sommelier at Restaurant Daniel

Wine & Cheese Pairing

Presentation Gregory Faye

Pâté-Croute 2021 Final

Day three,Hunter & Friendship diner ACF/MCF/SCP

Colony Club New York City

The Menu

The Chefs

Tribute to Chef Bernard Cretier

The Gold Medal of the Academie

Awarded to Chef Stephane Grattier, Boulangerie Christophe, Washington DC

We honor academicians, Stephane Grattier for his commitment in Washington DC during the crisis of the covid 19 by giving each morning to elderly and disabled individuals who were home confined.

Stephane will give 30 loaves of breads every day, but also 30 full, healthy meals to distribute. We honor Stephane talent and his know-how which have been rewarded several times in recent years by receiving many prizes including the World Bread Awards heroes USA in 2020 & 2021 and the best boulangerie in Washington DC 2021. 

Chevalier dans l'Ordre du Mérite Agricole

Awarded to Chef Fabrice Guinchard,

The Chair of the Academie Culinaire de France 2022

Awarded to Chef Gerard Bertholon by all Members of our Delegation US & Canada

Official presentation of the Honorary president's ribbon holder

Awarded to Chef Jean-Louis Gerin,

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