The 1st Annual Hunting & Friendship dinner of Canada. Montreal 2022

120 guests attended the 1st Hunting and Friendship Dinner, Owner and Chef Helena Loureiro welcomed us to her Restaurant Portus 360, in Montreal, under the Presidency of Mrs. Sophie Lagoutte Consul General of France in Montreal.

25 Chefs and friends of ACF USA made the trip for this gala dinner and to support our Canadian colleagues in rebuilding the ACF in Canada.
We honored Mr. Alain Monod, Past President of the ACF in Canada.
The chefs did an incredible job, Chef Helena Loureiro, Chef Olivier Perret Chef Frederic Cyr, Chef Florimond Hannoteau, Chef Gauthier Geffroy, Chef Gregory Faye, Chef Nicolas Dutertre, Chef MOF Roland Del Monte, the service and the cuisine were exquisitely orchestrated by our hosts. Thank you all!
Madame. Consul General of France in Montreal, Sophie Lagoutte gave us an excellent speech of congratulations and promotion concerning the renewal of the Culinary Academy of France in Canada as well as the promotion of French gastronomy in Canada.
Mr. Alain Monod retraced his career as Deputy President of the ACF in Canada and thus encouraged and wished Chef Olivier Perret and Chef Frédéric Cyr much success in the reconstruction and renewal of the ACF in Canada.

Table of Contents

Day one, Restaurant Ikanos

Friends Partners & Family gather to open this fantastic weekend in Montreal at restaurant Ikanos 

Day two, Restaurant Portus 360


Tribute to Chef Alain Monod

Former ACF President Canada Delegation

Mrs. Sophie Lagoutte

Consule General of France in Montreal

Intronisation Cheffe Helena Loureiro

Owner Portus 360 & Restaurant Helena 

Honoring our partners

1st Hunter & Friendship Diner In Canada, Montreal

The Menu

In the Kitchen

Chef Olivier Perret & Frederic Cyr

Representing the ACF in Canada

Our Guests

Day three, Visit of the head office of Bridor, North America


Photos Credit

Exceptional Partners

The success of the 1st Hunter & Friendship dinner in Canada, is due to its partners, who have enabled the Académie Culinaire de France Delegation - USA & Canada to welcome our guests & make this event a success.