Academie Culinaire de France – USA . CANADA Delegation | Webinar July 15th, 2020
United States Delegation of L'Academie Culinaire de France.
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Webinar July 15th, 2020

24 Jul 2020, Posted by Sebastien Baud in News & Awards

“Solution for the Hospitality Industry”

To help navigate the challenges of COVID-19 the ACF Delegation of the USA & Canada as hosted a webinar on July 15th to help provide resources for the hospitality industry and to better stay connected throughout these difficult times. 
Please find below the webinar recording and all documentations and ressources associated.

Frédéric Cyr :

Culinary Director Château Frontenac, Quebec

Presentation of its new take-out lunch box concept.

Rainer Zinngrebe :

VP Marriott Luxury brands. 

The change in the world of hotels and restaurantsfacing the pandemic

Gerard Bertholon :

CSO Cuisine solution.

Presentation of solutions such as Dark kitchen or Reef.

Ronan Minahan :

CEO Gourmet culinary partners

New business plan for your company.

Jean-Pierre Le Cannelier :

CEO The Butter Books

Training solutions of the future.

Useful Articles :

Reef Technology :
In US:
You can find a kitchen near you with this site



Can restaurants make delivery efficient? Employing drivers vs. not
Jordan Boesch | 17 juin 2020

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Frederic Cyr Delivery box,16#/

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