Its goals are:
  • The improvement of the French Culinary Art.
  • Showcasing the works and work accomplished by its members or by Eminent Personalities in the culinary world.
  • To facilitate all the initiatives intended to maintain its prestige and to make better known its century-old vocation of indisputable representativeness of the quality and the global value of French cuisine.
  • To defend the authenticity of culinary appellations and to protect it, to denounce any deception affecting the integrity of the culinary art.
  • To modernize or adapt certain recipes, to recognize and approve any recipe creation likely to make a serious contribution to the art of cooking and its adaptation. The exercise of his work extends to the quality of intellectual expression, vocabulary and conventional language indispensable to the art of cooking.
  • To continue and ensure on a permanent basis the updating of the cooking encyclopedia, to include in it new recipes approved during the work of the Académie Culinaire de France.
  • To establish relations with all French or foreign groups having a recognized culinary or gastronomic vocation and to organize, participate in and promote all serious and authentic events of a gastronomic or culinary nature.