FINAL 2022

Register today for a chance to win the Trophy Jean Jacques Dietrich on April 2nd` 2022

The Trophy Jean.Jacques Dietrich

Was founded by L’Académie Culinaire de France – US & Canada Delegation in honor of the French chef who served at the head of the US Delegation for 32 years. Our partners and the Master chef of France with similar missions to carry on the great tradition of French gastronomy and culinary arts. They have partnered to promote the French culinary ‘know-how’ and reinvigorate French cuisine amongst the new generation of chefs . This competition is made for chefs, cooks man & women who would like to compare their work, develop in their profession and experience beautiful and good times in the world of culinary competition.

The Candidats

The Trophy Jean Jacques Dietrich competition, is open to any professional chefs between the age of 25 & 35 Years old, working in an establishment located in the US & Canada.

The selections

Registrations for the 2022 competition close on December 31st, 2021.

1- The recipes to write

The selection is made on the judgment of the President of the Jury on the basis of recipes and technical sheets. It allows us to select the candidates admitted to the final.
The recipes must be written in a very legible, detailed and explicit manner, the quantity’s must be precise as well as the presentation.

2 - Registration Steps

STEP 1: Write your recipes in a readable and organized Word format
STEP 2: Complete the registration form and sign the charter rules and regulations
STEP 3: Send your complete file accompanied by a portrait photo of yourself in attachment at

3 - Details of the rating

As soon as the recipes submitted comply with the regulations and the files are complete, the selection of candidates for the final will be made according to the following criteria:

The originality of the recipes on 40 pts
Technics  on 10 pts
Creativity on 15 pts

That is a total of 65 points

4 - Announcement of the finalists

The candidates with the best results will be selected for the final. Two substitutes will be appointed in the event of withdrawal of one of the candidates selected for the final round.
The selected candidates will be informed by telephone one week after the registration deadline, December 31st 2021.

The Theme

Each applicant must provide in a very neat file, an original and creative recipe:

  • One main course for 8 people on this subject « Le Pigeon en Viennoise »/ “The Squab Viennoise”
    • The four Pigeons must be boned out and will be served only the fillet on the platter, they can be stuffed or not.
    • Accompanied by a “Salmis” sauce served on the side.
    • The first individual garnish (8 pieces) is based on Braised Spring Lettuce, served on the Platter.
    • The second individual seasonal garnish (8 pieces) is a free choice, served on the platter.
  • The main garnish (8 pieces) Based on “Individual Charlotte of Polenta with Shiitakes” served on the Platter.
  • A dessert individual served on a plate for 8 people on the theme “Arlequin soufflé” accompanied by a coulis or a free sauce, sautéed or other seasonal fruits.
    • Decorations is a free choice.
A jury composed of Meilleurs Ouvriers de France, will be presided by chef Fabrice Prochasson MOF, President of L’Académie Culinaire de France, will use precise criteria to select the six candidates and two alternates:
Respect for the theme, seasonality of the recipes, respect for the raw ingredients, compliance with the regulations, innovation, quality of presentation, and originality.

The final is April 2, 2022, register today for a chance to win the trophy Jean Jacques Dietrich

The winner of Le Best Chef Competition will also be awarded an all-inclusive trip to Paris and have a chance to represent the US at the prestigious Trophée Passion, an international culinary contest hosted by L’Académie Culinaire de France.
  • 1st PrizeA $2,500 check and an allocation of materials and food products provided by our partners, related to the culinary world for a global value of approximately $3,000.
  • 2nd PrizeA check for $1500 and an allocation of materials and food products provided by our partners related to the world of gastronomy for a total approximate value of $2,000.
  • 3rd PrizeA check for $500 and a grant of equipment and food provided by partners of the exhibition, related to the culinary world for a global value of approximately $1,500.

Partners Of Exception

The success of the Jean-Jacques Dietrich Culinary Trophy is partly due to its partners, which allow L’Académie Culinaire de France – US Delegation to reward participants to the height of their merit, to welcome them and to support them in the best conditions.


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