The Final 2020

Winner Chainey Kuykendall


Chainey Kuykendall

SOUS CHEF, Sycomore, Virginia

Guy-Rene Gerin

CHEF DE CUISINE, UN French Residence , New York

Ian Israelsen

LEAD COOK, Bourbon Prime, West Virginia

Carlyle Williams

LEAD COOK, Yale Club, New York

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Theme: The Poultry Farm

Applicants have propose an original recipe, using seasonal products, for eight people, in keeping with the theme of “the Poultry Farm”. The poultry must be boneless and presented without the head, stuffed or not, embellished with a hot sauce or stock served separately. The dish should be accompanied by three garnishes, two of which to be individually presented: one based on seasonal mushrooms and one as a free choice. A main garnish will have to feature the “Pomme Anna Moulée”, French traditional potatoes dish, and be served separately

Finally, candidates were asked to present a dessert on the plate, for eight people, on the theme of “Hot & cold chocolate”, accompanied by a coulis or a sauce of their choice.


Exceptional Partners

The success of the Jean-Jacques Dietrich Culinary Trophy is due to its partners, who have enabled the Académie Culinaire de France Delegation - USA & Canada to reward participants according to their achievements, welcome them and support them in the best conditions.