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News & Awards

WEBINAR ” The future of Fonction, Form & Flavor”

21 Nov 2020, Posted by Sebastien Baud in News & Awards

Featuring Maeve Webster ACF’s next webinar is happening January 19, 11AM-12PM. Click here to join the meeting It’s time to look beyond the immediate impact of the pandemic and start strategic planning for the future. Though the last twelve months have brought hardship to the industry, the opportunity for invention and innovation is nearly unprecedented in recent years. This presentation will look at where service, concepts, food and flavor are heading as we move into 2021 and beyond.

Webinar “Packaging solution for the hospitality industry”

21 Nov 2020, Posted by Sebastien Baud in News & Awards

Today, our industry has an extraordinary need for innovation that solves for current service regulations, operational challenges and increasingly nervous consumers. Friends of ACF Solia and Fortessa will join us to present their latest product developments—from display to service. Join us LIVE on November 11 from 11AM-noon to see firsthand what they’ve been working on and solicit inspiration from your peers

The Final Trophy Jean Jacques Dietrich

18 Oct 2020, Posted by Sebastien Baud in News & Awards

The Final of the Trophy Jean-Jacques Dietrich 2020. Was held on September 27th, 2020 at Well & By Durst in New York City. We are pleased to announce that Chainey Kuykendall from Virginia State as won the First Edition of the Trophy Jean-Jacques Dietrich and will represent team USA and our Delegation in Paris at the Trophy Passion International in 2021.

Webinar “Solution for the Hospitality Industry”

24 Jul 2020, Posted by Sebastien Baud in News & Awards

To help navigate the challenges of COVID-19 the ACF Delegation of the USA & Canada as hosted a webinar on July 15th to help provide resources for the hospitality industry and to better stay connected throughout these difficult times. Please find below the webinar recording and all documentations and ressources associated.


15 Mar 2020, Posted by Sebastien Baud in News & Awards

New York 2020 Congres as started on January 31st with the cocktail Jean – Jacques Dietrich at the French Consulate Of France where 100 Chefs ACF, MCF, Partners, Family & Friends Gaitered to give our respect to the lost of our Late President Jean Jacques Dietrich who served the ACF for 32 years.


11 Jul 2019, Posted by Sebastien Baud in News & Awards

3 days on the most beautiful lands of the USA, to meet the vineyards, the producers of the best natural products, conviviality, friendship was on the menu during this unforgettable congress but also chefs including the most famous of them, chef Thomas Keller. All the guests were able to enjoy the Domaine Cameros where a very nice reception was given, later in the day it is in the Winery Robert Mondavi that the chefs were welcomed before ending the evening with a prestigious dinner given on the spot. Tuesday was held the General Assembly of the Academy Culinaire de France / USA Delegation, the same evening the gala dinner of friendship ACF/MCF at the Four Seasons San Francisco with the introductions ceremony of new Academicians. Day one Ritz-Carlton Half Mon Bay Day two Napa Valley, Domaine Carneros, AD Hoc, Mondavy Winery Day 3 General assembly MCF-ACF, Gala Diner, Intronisation new Academiciens


11 Apr 2019, Posted by Sebastien Baud in News & Awards

Brandon SCOTT was team USA Candidates at the 2019 Trophee Passion in Paris, Brandon has generously give is time and passion to this competition he trained in chicago at the French Pastry School among coaches who also give their time to Brandon and fulfill the Academie legacy to teach and transmit their “savoir Faire”. Thanks to all of you !!

Medailles Joseph Favre

21 Feb 2019, Posted by Sebastien Baud in News & Awards

The 2019 Medals “Joseph Favre” was giving this year to 7 Accomplished chefs who help and give their time to transmit their knowledge and savoir faire to train young chefs who participate in competitions in Lyon (ICC) and Paris (Trophée Passion) Eric BERTOIA Sylvain LEROY Olivier REGINENSI Sebastien CANONNE Fabrice GUINCHARD Bernard CRETIER Jacquy PFEIFFER

International Catering Cup 2019

06 Feb 2019, Posted by Sebastien Baud in News & Awards, Videos

Felicitation to Aurelien Dufour & David Malbequi Team USA for their Achievement at the 2019 International Catering Cup At SIRAH Lyon, also to their coach Eric Bertoia & Olivier Reginensi their support and coaching toward the team USA was incredible