Dinner de Chasse et de l’amitié 2019

Our annual Dinner de chasse et de l’amitié 2019 was once again a great and successful evening of friendship and good food, this year our Host and Academicienne Georgette Farkas at Rotisserie Georgette welcome us in the Heart of Manhattan in the presence of the Consule General Of France Anne Claire Legendre.

More then 110 guest among academicians friends, partners and family enjoy a diner created and executed by Académiciens Christian Delouvrier, Pierre Landet, Tomo Kobayashi, Sylvain Leroy, Eric Bertoia, Fabrice Guinchard.

Thank you so much to all of you and to all of our partners for yours and theirs support to the Academie Culinaire de France/ delegation USA.

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Medailles Joseph Favre

The 2019 Medals “Joseph Favre” was giving this year to 7 Accomplished chefs who help and give their time to transmit their knowledge and savoir faire to train young chefs who participate in competitions in Lyon (ICC) and Paris (Trophée Passion)


Sylvain LEROY


Sebastien CANONNE




Photos by Alan Bresson & Christina Vircillo at www.31nyc.com

San Diego Congress 2016

Académie Culinaire de France and its sister organization, Maîtres Cuisiniers de France, gathered in June for their annual joint congress. Their North-American delegations meet annually, and this year San Diego hosted the prestigious event for the first time.

Members of the Académie de France (aka ACF) encompass all nationalities and welcome professionals from the entire Food & Beverage industry.

Members of the Maîtres Cuisiniers de France (aka MCF) are all French nationals. Selected by their peers, they are regarded as the most highly skilled in techniques and transmission of the French culinary arts. These maestros, all trained at Michelin star-caliber institutions, are reshaping modern French cuisine in America.

Bernard Cretier is the 2012 Chef de l’Annee

At the 2012 ACF conference in Chicago, Chef Cretier also received the “Fauteuil de l’ Academie” for lifetime achievement.

Chef Bernard Cretier, a native of Vichy, France, founded Le Vichyssois Restaurant in 1976. Chef Bernard apprenticed under Jean and Pierre Troisgros in Roanne; then he worked for Paul Bocuse in Lyon until his military service. He was in the Navy in Paris as the personal chef of General Billotte, who was the Secretary of State. Following his military service he went to work at Maxim’s in Paris for 4 years. Bernard then worked in Germany and Switzerland before working for Maxim’s in Chicago where he served as Executive Chef for 6 years.

Deann Bayless Named 2012’s Dame de l’Annee

Présenté comme Dame de l’année à L’ACF, Madame Bayless. La femme du fameux chef Rick Bayless. Femme très actif et une des femmes en charge des dames d’escoffier. Des émissions de télévision, aux bouquins, aux restaurants, au support des fermiers, des donations, elle est partout. Ci-dessous un petit récap de ce quel fait.

Deann was born in 1948 in St. Charles, Illinois, into a family who found their calling in the major professions (law and medicine), but whose father knew the pleasure of fine dining. She took an undergraduate degree in English language and literature at Wheaton College, Wheaton, Illinois, then graduate studies in English and Theater at the University of Michigan. After receiving two masters degrees, her path made an unexpected turn into the world of good food when she married Rick Bayless in 1979 and went on a two month honeymoon/research trip to Mexico.

Deann produces the highly rated on-going Public Television Series, Mexico—One Plate at a Time (in it’s 8th season) that can be found on television sets coast to coast, and is co-author of seven award- winning cookbooks. Rick and Deann’s second book, Mexican Kitchen, won the Julia Childs IACP cookbook of the year award in 1996, and the fourth book, Mexico—One Plate at a Time won James Beard Best International Cookbook of the Year award in 2001.Their side by side award-winning restaurants in Chicago were founded in 1987. The casual Frontera Grill and the 4-star Topolobampo. In 2007, Frontera Grill won for Outstanding Restaurant by the James Beard Organization.

Their award-winning Frontera line of salsas, grilling sauces and organic chips can be found coast to coast. On the local front, Rick, Deann and their staff began the Frontera Farmer Foundation in 2003 to attract support for small Midwestern farms. Each year, grants are given to our local farmers for capital improvements to their family farms. In 2007, the Bayless’s and their team launched the Frontera Scholarship: a full tuition scholarship that will send a Mexican-American student to Kendall Culinary College to study the culinary arts. The Bayless’s opened their third restaurant: XOCO—a quick serve LEED certified restaurant featuring house-ground chocolate and wood grilled tortas. This year, Tortas Frontera opened in Terminal 1 at Chicago’s Ohare airport, with plans for another in Terminal 3.

Rick and Deann’s latest book, Fiesta at Rick’s (WW. Norton) is currently on the New York Times Best seller list.

ACF Gathers in Chicago for Annual Conference

L’Académie Culinaire de France and Les Maîtres Cuisiniers de France Get a Taste of the Windy City’s Culinary Culture

Chicago, Illinois (July 5, 2012) – When the talent of over five hundred years of cumulative culinary experience assembles in one room at The French Pastry School of Kennedy-King College at City Colleges of Chicago, someone must be in for a treat. When that gathering lasts for two days moving from one Chicago institution to the next, it’s a sign that L’Académie Culinaire de France (The Culinary Academy of France, ACF) and Les Maîtres Cuisiniers de France (The Master Chefs of France, MCF) are in town for the annual conference of their North American Chapters. The two French government organizations that seek to encourage excellence in both master chefs de cuisine and pâtissiers came to Chicago from all over North America and France to induct new members, convene on organization business, and celebrate their camaraderie at some of the city’s best restaurants and favorite venues. The French Pastry School, whose faculty, including both co-founders, boasts four members of ACF, proposed that it was time to feature their hometown as the destination of this year’s Congrès and thus earned the honor of hosting the meetings and festivities. The event was over two years in the making and celebrations were held at well-known Windy City institutions that honor French culinary philosophy: Union League of Chicago, Chez Moi, NAHA, and La Sardine. Chicago, with its respect for both established traditions and new innovations, was the perfect backdrop for the assembly of these decades-old culinary associations.

Respectively founded in 1879 and 1951, the ACF and MCF are no strangers to ceremony. As an unofficial beginning to the weekend’s events, Chef Jean-Jacques Dietrich, Honorary President of ACF’s United States Chapter, and Gérard Dupont, International President of ACF, attended the commencement of The French Pastry School’s L’Art de la Pâtisserie at the historic Union League Club of Chicago. There they presented Director of Operations, Franco Pacini with one of the Académie’s highest honors: Officier de l’Ordre Mondial de L’Académie Culinaire de France, a distinction few other United States citizens hold.

In return, while observing the beginning of the pastry careers of over 60 graduates, co-founders Chefs Jacquy Pfeiffer and Sébastien Canonne, M.O.F., honored the two visiting chefs with The French Pastry School’s Lifetime Achievement Award for their contribution to the culinary and pastry arts. “Cooking is from the heart,” Chef Dietrich explained to the audience, “and if you don’t have heart, you lose what it is about. It is a beautiful thing but you have to work hard for it.”

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